#whyfollow, A Twitter Proposal

posted June 19, 2009 by daniel

Often when people follow me on twitter I wonder what I said that caught their interest. I was wishing that Twitter's follow button had a text box next to it for people to enter their reason for following. It seems unlikely the feature will be added, but is it really necessary to have a special box for it -- Twitter is a service for sending messages, so why not use regular messages? Another benefit of using regular messages is that everyone else can see them.

Here's an example to explain how this would work: I was reading Chase Jarvis' website and saw a link to his twitter feed, so I checked it out and liked his daily iPhone pics and I followed him. I could then post a tweet to say why:

"I followed @chasejarvis because I like the daily iPhone pics #whyfollow"

He'd probably appreciate feedback about his pics and people who follow me and are interested in photography could check his pictures out and follow him too.